Congratulations to our friends at MakerBot on the launch of the Replicator 2, Replicator 2X, MakerWare and the MakerBot Retail Store! This is HUGE news for our Brooklyn cohorts. We took pride in watching Bre Pettis introduce an ultra-cool product in which he “likens the design to ‘Darth Vader driving Knight Rider’s KITT car while being airlifted by a Nighthawk spy plane.’” (That last bit was from a Wired Magazine article found here.)

It was a prideful moment, because tool. designers and engineers have played an active role in helping MakerBot with 3D printer product development. While we won’t take credit for any one MakerBot product, tool. worked with Bre and the Brooklyn crew  for nearly a full year on some kick-ass design work and hard core engineering problem solving. We love the new products and wish MakerBot continued success.