3D Printed Ukulele

I recently set out to design and build a 100% printed Ukulele based on a cigar box design. Greg Meyer had a Cigar box in his office for some time and he offered it up. Cigar box ukuleles have been around for a long time and are usually non production, hobbyist ukuleles. I found a few online resources for dimensions on Soprano Ukuleles and modeled up the whole design in SolidWorks. I also wanted to print the machine heads and used SDP/SI for some base level worm gears that I could convert to machine heads. Since I was designing from scratch and printing everything,  I built the machine heads right into the head stock and created a part to hold the tuners in place. The tuners worked out well. I designed the fret board and nut to be keyed and screwed in place so I can change it out to different fret boards if desired  The fret markers are #4 Plastite screws, recessed. Printing orientation becomes key in the process to achieve parts with the most strength. Printing the frets on the fret board worked OK and is playable but because of the printing orientation the frets lost some strands. I am going to re-print the fret board and get some thin fret wire from Stewart MacDonald. If anybody is interested in the CAD files just let me know. I also uploaded the STL files to Thingiverse.