Crystal Hotel

Recently, I had the opportunity to stay at a cool place called the Crystal Hotel.  It had a real funky atmosphere, a lot of old jazzy type decor.  It was a recent renovation of a historic building.  Pretty cool, with a bar downstairs where bands play as well as a soak tub.  Cafe was nice, too.  One cool part I didn’t get to see was the Crystal Ballroom across the street that has a floating dance floor, so it’s basically built on a suspension.

hotel 1


Lots of cool poster art on the walls, particularly in the staircases.

hotel 2 hotel 3






The rooms, were pretty funky, in a good way.  The one pretty major drawback was that there were no bathrooms in the rooms!  That came as an unwelcome shock.  There was a sink, but to go to the bathroom or shower your key wold let you into one of the single-person shared bathrooms down the hall.  Not so fun in the middle of the night.

bedroom 1

Bed was pretty cool

The windows were pretty thin too, so it got pretty noisy from the street overnight.

bedroom 2

Rest of room

Overall, I’d recommend the place if you get one of the king suites that have bathrooms; otherwise, come to hang out at the bar or cafe and stay somewhere else.