Green Machines

tool. recently acquired a pair of Huffy Green Machines.  You may think these are for kids, but they are in fact pretty awesome rides for young-minded adults as well. The biggest difference you may notice between this and a traditional trike is the steering.  The rear axle pivots and the front axle is fixed.  You control the steering with these two handles instead of regular old handlebars.  It really takes some getting used to, because unless you’re used to driving a forklift, having the steering pivot axis behind you will probably feel weird at first.

Green Machine Annotated

Key Mechanism Components


Naturally, we had to test out the device in order to form a professional opinion.

Green Machines Race - Bill and Sam

Bill and Sam race around the telephone pole

Green Machines Race2

Caitlin starts off Michael and Tom

Green Machine Billy

Billy trying to do dope moves

Final assessment: it’s not optimized for the smoothest handling; it’s designed for spinning out.  And it does that well.  Real well.