My wife and I purchased our first home a few weeks ago. We were thrilled to get it and are very excited, but as most home owners know, there are always trials and tribulations that go along with it. Here’s one minor success and one ongoing trial.

The minor success is installation of a shower curtain rod in the guest bathroom, since there was none there. The rod came with hardware to install into drywall, which we used on one end, but on the other end we drilled into wood so I had to find some wood screws that would work. Did I mention it was late at night and I had house guests that needed to use that shower the next morning? Anyway, I think it went in alright.


Curved Shower Curtain Rod

So, we have space for a washer and dryer in the first floor bathroom. We order some new appliances and are excited to get them. Delivery is slated for the day before we move in. They show up and… they can’t fit through the bathroom door! So the appliances sit in our living room and I have to remove the door stop moulding off one side of the door jamb. I thought this wouldn’t be too hard, but it turns out it wasn’t a flat piece of wood, but rather an L or T shaped piece. So I got one side pried away OK, but the other side just splintered and cracked all the way down.  The opening should be wide enough to fit the appliances, but it will take some more work to get the door frame looking nice again.


Bathroom Door