US Army SBIR Program

tool. was awarded a research and development (R&D) contract with the US Department of Defense under the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. Specifically, tool. worked with US Army personnel on a program titled “MTBI Protective Mandibular Appliance.” The big idea / problem to solve was this — Can an intraoral appliance (mouth guard) help reduce or mitigate forces that may cause or lead to traumatic brain injury / mild traumatic brain injury (TBI / mTBI)?

Over the course of the contract period, tool. performed the following tasks:
+ analyzed anthropomorphic data
+ considered ergonomic issues
+ evaluated existing products and form factors
+ researched potential materials
+ performed finite element analysis
+ coordinated impact testing on select materials (using a headform with an articulating mandible)
+ consulted with medical and testing experts
+ ideated on a number of potential product concepts
+ much more

tool. completed the Phase I project, was asked to submit a proposal for Phase II and was selected for the Phase II work — a two-year contract with the US Army to further the research. This is one of a number of projects with military agencies of the US government.