In an industry saturated with primitive, often intimidating manufacturing machines, Solidoodle wanted to create something different: a printer for consumers new to the magic of 3D printing. The goal was to develop a brand new 3D printer that is as intuitive, easy to use and sleek as a desktop printer while maintaining the affordability and reliability that Solidoodle is known for. They turned to Tool to help them accomplish just that.

While many “consumer” 3D printers feature sheet metal construction with exposed mechanisms, electronics and filament spools, the Solidoodle Press has an inviting and refined aesthetic that fits perfectly in a home office or computer room. The fully enclosed, injection molded housing is inexpensive to produce and maintains a constant interior temperature for improved print quality. The proprietary spool design loads easily from the top and is contained entirely within the printer.

The Solidoodle Press is one of the most affordable 3D printers on the market. However, with innovative features like SoliTouch auto-calibration technology, which eliminates the need for manual calibration, the Press is also one of the most sophisticated consumer grade 3D printers available.