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John Fiegener

I like lobsters, the sea, Marblehead, lobster boats, old houses, diesel engines, national guitars, fiberglass, beer, my Kay bass, lobster shanties, McIntosh amps, post and beam and of course, product design.

Jason Sidman

VP, Business Development
I have been working in commercial and government markets for over a decade. I have a PhD in Experimental Psychology, and am particularly interested in the impact that science can have on product development, and the way scientific breakthroughs impact product markets.

Michael Tinstman

Lead Industrial Designer
I graduated from the University of Cincinnati. In my free time I have an unhealthy fixation on video games and baked goods, but try to balance that out with my love of the outdoors and reading.

Tom Gernetzke

Sr. Industrial Designer
After growing up in the Midwest and going to school at the University of Cincinnati, I moved out to New England to join the Tool crew as an Industrial Designer. In addition to design, I love airplanes (and spacecraft), hiking, camping, illustration and animation.

Nicole Fiegener

I am here to take care of all the things the engineers and designers don’t. Accounting, H/R and operations are my responsibility. I’m from California, went to college in San Francisco and have been loving living in New England ever since.

Ryan Thompson

SR. Mechanical Engineer
I received my BS in mechanical engineering from Johns Hopkins University, and am now a mechanical engineer at tool inc.

Marcus Hanna

Industrial Designer
I am North Shore born and raised with an interest in all things outdoors including climbing, mountain biking, skiing and surfing. I received my BID from Syracuse University so that I could understand how to create valuable experiences and interactions through products.

Tyler Kelsall

Mechanical Engineer
I grew up in Colorado before moving out East to attend Dartmouth College. Outside of engineering, I enjoy skiing, hiking, playing music, drinking hoppy beer and eating spicy food.

Hannah Polster

Mechanical Engineer
I grew up in Maryland before moving up north to attend Boston University. Outside of engineering I enjoy, sailing, skiing, cooking, and will never say no to a good puzzle.

George Abuhamad

Mechanical Engineer

Paul DiTullio

Mechanical Engineer Partner
I am a woodworking, longboarding, and nature documentary enthusiast. I received my BSME from Boston University. After a long stint living on the road and exploring the country, I returned to MA and joined the Tool team. I am also the 2016 TPPL champion.

Jay Zhu

Manufacturing Lead
I live and work in ShenZhen China. I support the manufacturing effort in China for the products designed at TOOL. I have a degree in Electrical Engineering from Beijing JiaoTong University in Beijing.

Ben Bangser

Industrial Design Partner
I grew up in Connecticut, graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Industrial Design, worked at a Brand Strategy and Design Consultancy in CT before partnering with Tool.

Richard Huang

Manufacturing Partner
I live and work in Taichung Taiwan. I support the manufacturing effort of products designed at tool. I have a degree in Business from Asia University.

Kyle Hounsell

Electrical Engineering Partner
BS and ME in Electrical Engineering from MIT. I help with all electrical engineering projects at TOOL. I collect rare earth-stones and enjoy photography and being in nature.

Joe Grand

Electrical Engineering Partner
I am Joe Grand, aka Kingpin. I travel the world lecturing on reverse engineering and hacking embedded systems. I am the founder of Grand Idea Studio, Inc. and a former member of the hacker collective L0pht Heavy Industries. I have a degree in Computer Engineering from Boston University.