3D Printed Habitat Challenge


TeamMASSp1After making it past two rounds of selection some friends and I are moving onto the final round in NASA and AmericaMakes’s 3D Printed Habitat Challenge.  The team is composed of Samson Phan (Stanford Mechanical Eng Phd), Maria Schroeder (LEED certified architect), Sam Wald (MIT Phd candidate and former employee of Tool), and myself.  Our challenge has been to demonstrate the possibilities of 3D Printing for habitat construction on Mars.  Consideration has gone into construction planning, construction hardware, mission profile, aesthetics, human factors, safety, HVAC/data/power conveyance, and more.  An added feature of the contest is to demonstrate the possibility of using these systems, in part, for construction of affordable habitats here on Earth.  In both instances, indigenous and recycled materials are preferred.

So far so good, now we are moving on to create a physical model of our habitat and deliver it to Maker Faire in September.  It’s going to be a busy weekend, I had already scheduled a Tough Mudder run in Maine for the same weekend!  After we find out the result at Maker Faire, I’ll be sure to post some visuals.


You can now view teasers from all 30 finalists.