3D Printed Habitat Challenge: Road Trip to Maker Faire

Now that my team mates and I have submitted everything to the contest organizers I feel at liberty to share all of our deliverables.  For the contest we ultimately had to put together a five page report with images and to build a physical model.  The first image (below), was meant to give a quick overview of our build system.  Basically, a series of packages would arrive on Mars.  Then a team of robots would work to excavate a location and move special modules into position.  Using the surrounding soil as a medium, a team of four printing robots would fuse and build material around those modules. Exterior and ConstructionThis cutaway view is meant to explain all of our thinking into the design of the habitat.  We considered print load and sought to reduce that by having zones that would be sparsely printed, yet still filled with soil to maintain a high level of radiation shielding.  Beyond the practical aspects of a 3D printed habitat we also demonstrated the real feasibility of decorative possibilities.  A visual warmth can be manifested in the often sterile environment of a space habitat.  All manner of textures and patterns can be used, without the cost, complexity, and weight considerations that usually hamper those types of designs.CutawayThis section view is also meant to further explain the design of the interior.  The utility of the two modules were explained better here.  One module, referred to as the Service MPM, carried the environmental systems, storage, and secondary egress location.  The other module serves as the main airlock.ElevationThis plan view was meant to explain the overall interior layout including allocation of the 1,000 square foot size limit. PlanA quick pic of all of the parts we printed for our scale model (1:72).  Special thanks to the Dimension printer here at Tool.3D Printed PartsAn overview of our finished model before packing it up for shipping to the contest organizers.Model Overview Finally, an interior shot of the physical model.  Hopefully FedEx treated it well and I’ll get to see it in one piece at Maker Faire! Interior

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  1. John

    Thats so cool. Look like a standard TOOL MDF desk, in the illustration, thats made it to Mars.

    1. Michael

      Thanks! Pretty much, we wanted some sort of general purpose table for patching a suit or placing random piles of stuff 🙂

  2. m

    cool modell
    how can i get the stl fille’s

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