radiant Skin

Women's Razor

Research  I  Industrial Design  I  Prototyping

Venus is focused on delivering the highest quality products that enhance skin care for women. With Radiant Skin, that attention to health has been met. Each stroke dispenses moisturizer, exfoliates, and shaves all at once – leaving skin feeling smooth and soft. Radiant Skin uses refillable Olay bottles that slide into the handle making this razor fit to last a lifetime.

Our involvement began at the early stages of the industrial design. We collaborated with the Gillette team to share inspiration and concepts – exploring form, ergonomics, and touch-points. Tool leveraged rapid prototyping to reveal human factor insights and develop several directions in parallel. While remaining true to the Venus design language, Tool helped reimagined a razor that aligned shaving and beauty-product aesthetic. The effort required continuous engagement with the engineering team at Gillette to ensure the internal functions fit within the form.

Radiant Skin has recently been awarded:  SELF for best beauty and skin-care product; by HEALTH for best body product; and by Cosmopolitan for best razor.

Gillette is committed to innovation and offers new solutions that enrich the tasks we engage in daily. We were excited to be a part of this development process and are thrilled that Radiant Skin will continue to elevate women’s expectations for skin health.

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