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We Like Lobsters, and design.


John Fiegener


I have a passion for various interests, including lobsters, the sea, and Marblehead. From lobster boats to old houses and diesel engines to national guitars. Whether it’s exploring the charm of lobster shanties or appreciating the craftsmanship of McIntosh amps, I am drawn to unique experiences. I enjoy unwinding with a cold beer, playing my Kay bass, and delving into the intricacies of fiberglass. And of course, product design.

Richard Marshall

VP. Business Development

Hey mate. I’m Richard. I do business development here at TOOL. Born Down Under and Oxford educated. When I’m not explaining the rules of cricket, I’m slinging product development services to some truly innovative companies. Let’s Connect!

Marcus Hanna

Lead Industrial Designer

I am North Shore born and raised with an interest in all things outdoors including climbing, mountain biking, skiing and surfing. I received my BID from Syracuse University so that I could understand how to create valuable experiences and interactions through products.

Jordan Tryon

Mechanical Engineer

I grew up in the northeast and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Graduated as a mechanical engineer from Clarkson University where I also studied mathematics and electrical engineering. In my free time I like to explore the area, tinker, make things, and even build some robots.

Nicole Fiegener


I am here to take care of all the things the engineers and designers don’t. Accounting, H/R and operations are my responsibility. I’m from California, went to college in San Francisco and have been loving living in New England ever since.

Jay Myers

Industrial Designer

Hey there, I grew up in Northeast Ohio, where I earned my BID from the Cleveland Institute of Art. I’m passionate for all things design. I also love film photography, ceramics and a good New England IPA.

Nate Streeter

Mechanical Engineer

I grew up just outside of Boston and have continued to orbit around the city. Graduating from Northeastern University with a BS in Mechanical Engineering enriched my existing passion for tinkering and making things. In my off time, I am an artist who loves to sketch, animate, and make comics.

Jolie Bercow

Mechanical Engineer

Im straight outa MIT and I like to ski. I’ll tell you more about myself shortly.

Jay Zhu

Manufacturing Lead

I live and work in Shenzhen, China. I support the manufacturing effort in China for the product design at TOOL. I hold a degree in Electrical Engineering from Beijing JiaoTong University in Beijing.

Mike Deschene

Mechanical Engineer

Originally from the North Shore, I graduated from West Point with a BS in Mechanical Engineering before serving as an officer in the US Navy. Hockey is one of my true passions in life, but I also enjoy working out, Mediterranean food and striking the balance between form and function.

Kyle Hounsell

Electrical Engineering Partner

BS and ME in Electrical Engineering from MIT. I help with all electrical engineering projects at TOOL. I collect rare earth-stones and enjoy photography and being in nature.


Mind Reader

I grew up in CA chasing gophers and quail. Usually I roam the studio making sure spirits are up, and the team is working hard on product development.  I also enjoy throwing my toys up in the air or inspecting a good bush hoping to find a rabbit.

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