Tool Helps Develop a Brain-Computer Interface

Tool had the very good fortune of working with Neurable, an amazing company that is developing a brain-computer interface.  Based in Cambridge, MA, Neurable has leveraged neuroscience, biology, statistics, machine learning, and design to create an experience that deepens the immersion of VR.  At SIGGRAPH 2017, the annual computer graphics and interaction conference, they recently introduced a developer kit and a demo game called “Awakening”. They also introduced the headset designed by Tool to integrate EEG sensors with an HTC Vive headset. The headset is designed to integrate seven dry-EEGs provided by Wearable Sensing; this means you don’t have to shave your head to send out your mind powers.  Each of the seven EEG sensors had to touch specific areas of the head. This presented a challenge because the locations change with each head size.  So tool also designed it to quickly and easily adjust both the sensors and the overall headset to fit to a wide-variety of head shapes and sizes. Finally, we designed this system to retrofit to an existing VR headset and to blend into a style that fit with Neurable’s brand. After design and engineering, we produced 4 working prototypes. It was really encouraging to see how well the device worked once all team member’s made their contributions.  Neurable has done an excellent job guiding everyone’s effort.  We’re very excited to see the next step that they make with their platform and for the many experiences it will ultimately enable for us all.  The future is here!

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