Avision Guardian: Elevating Mountain Biking Knee Pads

In the thrilling realm of mountain biking, safety is paramount. Yet, traditional protective gear often falls short, leaving riders searching for a better solution. Enter Avision MTB. The knee pads were conceived by Spencer Allen, a design graduate and entrepreneur. AVision Guardian is elevating mountain biking knee pads. And Tool was proud to help.

Conventional knee pads, relying on compression sleeves and Velcro, often prove restrictive for riders. Issues like elastic degradation over time and movement inhibition have long plagued standard designs. AVision’s mission? To craft gear that offers unmatched security while ensuring riders retain full freedom of movement.

Multi-layer Materials Innovation

Spencer devised an ingenious solution. His multi-layer padding system, incorporating viscoelastic foam and gel-like materials, absorbs and disperses impact away from critical joints. This groundbreaking design minimizes the risk of bone bruises and sore joints, guaranteeing riders stay protected on every trail. 

But the innovation didn’t stop there. We revolutionized how protective gear attaches to the body. Instead of conventional straps, Fidlock V-Buckles were paired with adjustable webbing, offering a personalized fit. Tool took on the industrial design and engineering work, as well as branding and graphical layout.

AVision Guardian Knee Pad

Taking it to Production

With a prototype in hand, we helped AVision through the next phase of the journey. Tool stepped in to fine-tune the product, secure a quality production vendor, and also assist with packaging, ensuring AVision stands out on the shelves. The knee pads were also CE Certified Level 1.

The AVision Guardian is now on the market, and is getting great reviews from riders. This is why we say AVision Guardian is elevating mountain biking knee pads. But we should expect more products to come. So stay tuned as AVision continues to redefine safety and comfort in action sports. 


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