Introducing Brisa: A Spa Day from Your Bathroom

Brisa is a new way to dry off in luxury. Why not make every day a spa day from your own bathroom? This category defining idea is a groundbreaking whole-body dryer crafted by Tool. Brisa fills a void in the market with its innovative design and performance.


The brainchild of an entrepreneur from Georgia, we were thrilled to be involved from the beginning. So we drove all stages, from market research to full production. The market feasibility study underscored the market acceptance and excitement for Brisa. Architects and specialist builders emphasized its potential as a sustainable solution. They liked the eco-friendly features and sleek, modern styling. Next, the pricing analysis revealed that Brisa should be positioned as a premium offering in the bathroom fit out market. This is the case whether residential or high-end commercial applications such as clubs and hotels.



Tool executed Brisa’s industrial design. This required ensuring both exceptional quality and compliance with industry standards. In addition to the mechanical and electrical design, engineering and prototyping, Tool managed the regulatory testing to UL standards. This was a complex process for what is a new product category: an in-wall blower-dryer for use in a wet environment. 

We are proud to say this work has been recognized in the New York Product Design Awards. and is also a recipient of a GOOD DESIGN Award in 2023. Look out for the luxury drying experience: perhaps a spa day in your very own home?

2023 New York Product Design Awards



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