Shaping Minds, Sparking Curiosity: High School Comes to Tool

We recently taught, and then hosted, High School students interested in engineering and design as a career. We are huge supporters of anything which can foster interest in manufacturing engineering technology among young minds. In this case, Tool helped the Manufacturing Engineering Technology program run at Marblehead High School. 

First up, Nate taught a class of students eager to explore the world of engineering and design. He introduced Tool, our expertise, and “a day in the working life”. The students had plenty of time through a Q&A session to delve deeper into engineering design.

Next up it was the students’ turn. So, to make the session interactive, they worked in groups, analyzing objects around the classroom. They were asked to speculate about the manufacturing processes used for the objects. Nate guided them to think critically about concepts such as injection molding, pad printing, and sheet metal fabrication.


In the following month, Tool welcomed the students for a field trip to our facilities. Students engaged in lively Q&A sessions, gaining insights into the functions of different spaces and the intricacies of our project work. Then Jay, an experienced industrial designer at Tool, shared his portfolio and insights into the role of industrial design in the engineering process. They discussed the collaborative nature of working with engineering teams.

As the students departed, some expressed interest in summer opportunities and our senior project program. This feedback is like music to our ears. Engineering outreach like this can shape the minds of tomorrow’s engineers and designers.

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