Assistive Medical Devices: Gripping and Lifting

In our journey at Tool, we’re proud of our experience with life-changing assistive medical devices. Our work profoundly impacts lives through design. Let’s highlight two of these.

We collaborated with StrongArm Technologies on the V22 ErgoSkeleton. It aims to reduce manual labor’s physical toll. Inspired by workers’ challenges, we designed for proper posture. We refined a prototype, focusing on functionality and cool looks. It involved 3D printing and custom soft goods. This project wasn’t just support; it was innovation for safety with assistive device design.

Industrial design for the Strongarm assistive device.

Then, we designed an accessory for stroke survivors with the Boston Incubation Center in Boston. Stroke is a major disability cause. Our device helps users perform daily tasks independently. It uses wrist actions or buttons for control. It’s light, comfortable, and stylish, challenging traditional prosthetic norms.

industrial design review

These projects underscore our assistive medical device experience. We support laborers and stroke survivors. Different worlds, but each reflects our innovation and deep understanding. Our dedication to improving lives through design is clear.

At Tool, we don’t just create tools; we restore dignity and independence. Feel free to connect with us learn about our process, the result of more than 1,000 projects. 

Our assistive devices symbolize progress and empathy. They make the world more accessible for those facing challenges.

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