Rehabilitation with Medical Devices: the Squid Compression Journey

The search for innovative recovery solutions never stops and Tool’s experience in designing rehabilitation medical devices can help. At Tool, we worked on a rehab medical device game-changer: the Squid Compression for Portable Therapeutix. It’s a portable cold knee compression device, designed for pain relief and faster recovery. It dramatically reduces inflammation at the injury site.

Rehabilitation Meets Comfort

Portable Therapeutix required a device that blends soft goods, pneumatic design, and a cooling gel pack. The result? The Squid Compression offers targeted cold therapy and compression. It optimizes recovery without sacrificing comfort.

Powerful and portable rehabilitation with the Squid
Rehab medical device design for the Squid


Turning Ideas into Medical Device Reality

The Squid Compression’s development showcases our full-cycle innovation commitment, in this case specifically for rehabilitation medical device design. From design through development to prototyping, we focus on quality, effectiveness, and satisfaction. Our ISO 13485 certification helps us we make FDA compliant solutions, whatever your healthcare outcome. 

What’s Next

We’re always pushing rehabilitative medical device technology further, driven by innovation and a dedication to better patient outcomes.

We welcome your feedback and questions as we explore new medical technology avenues. Join our journey towards a healthier, brighter future.

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