Therapeutic Medical Devices: From Surgical Tools to Hot Flashes

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, medical devices stand out as beacons of hope and healing. At Tool, we’re proud of our experience with therapeutic medical device design. We love to engineer solutions that are not just innovative but are also impactful for patients worldwide. 

Two standout innovations to discuss are as diverse as tools for surgical urology, and a cooling device to improve sleep during menopause.

Boston Scientific: Surgical Urology Made Simpler

Boston Scientific has an enviable reputation in urology. At Tool, we are proud to have helped Boston Scientific develop an innovative hand tool that transforms the way slings and stents are applied. In this way, offering a new lease on life for individuals suffering from urinary incontinence. Additionally, Tool took charge of the design and engineering of vial delivery products that champion single-use integrity. In so doing, we ensured each application by clinicians adheres to the highest standards of patient safety and care.

Terra: A Comfort for Menopause Affected Sleep

Amira Health, founded by MIT alumni, introduces Terra, a pioneering technology set to revolutionize women’s health during menopause. This innovative startup is tackling the critical issue of menopausal sleep disturbances due to hot flashes. With Terra, Amira Health aims to offer a novel therapeutic device that ensures relief from these symptoms, for restful, uninterrupted sleep. 

Tool designed, engineered and prototyped the device to instantly deliver cooled water to the sleeping woman. So, the Terra cooling hub exemplifies our dedication to creating therapeutic solutions that address user needs, ensuring their comfort and well-being are always prioritized. Tool also designed the product packaging.

Hot flashes controlled with Tool designed cooling hub
Menopausal sleep disruption being taken on with Terra

Tool believes in the power of innovation to transform healthcare. We are passionate about therapeutic medical device designs that exceed the expectations of patients and healthcare professionals alike. With our ISO 13485 accreditation, Tool is more equipped than ever to take on new challenges, forge new paths in medical technology, and contribute to a healthier future.

Your feedback and inquiries are always welcome. You can learn about our process. This process is the result of decades of experience. Tool can put this expertise in therapeutic medical devices to the benefit of your projects and contribute to advancing healthcare solutions worldwide.

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