Diagnostic Medical Devices: The Mind and The Bench

Diagnostic medical devices are important, and diverse! Luckily, Tool’s has plenty of diagnostic medical device experience. Experience which will make this diversity of applications very obvious.

In the innovation hub of Boston, Neurable, a neurotechnology company embarked on a groundbreaking journey. They wanted to bridge the gap between the human brain and the digital world. Their mission was ambitious: a brain-computer interface (BCI) device that could translate neural activity into actionable commands. This would open new frontiers for people living with neurological disorders. 

Spinning out of University of Michigan, Neurable’s journey began in 2011 with the development of an AI to better understand brain signals. Subsequently, the company has proven the application with VR goggles headsets, as later headphones.

Meanwhile, in the laboratory, pioneering scientific equipment maker, Edvotek, makes academic devices to demystify the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). This is useful for budding forensic professionals and molecular biologists alike.

Edvotek makes diagnostic medical and laboratory devices
Edvotek makes diagnostic medical and laboratory devices

Very different end-uses for diagnostic devices, we agree! However, for both Tool was tasked with crafting sleek designs, engineering robust products, and preparing validation prototypes to prove their effectiveness.

Our ISO 13485 quality accreditation helps ensure this creativity comes without risk to our clients.

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