Eureka! Camp Café

Camping requires one to forgo certain luxuries, such as beds, air conditioning, and bathrooms, but the experience of encountering nature is worth the forfeit of these comforts. However, nobody wants to wait for that first sip of coffee in the morning, even at the campsite.

With the Eureka! Camp Café, you can quickly brew enough rich, flavorful coffee to get everyone up and running. Tool is proud to have supported the Eureka! design team by developing the aesthetics and functional features of the Camp Café.

This is not your dad’s campsite percolator. The Camp Café is a complete pour-over coffee brewing system with a 2.5 liter boiling kettle, a 12 cup carafe, and a pour-over filter cone. 

Most pour-over systems are comprised of a small cone filter that sits on top of an individual mug. The Camp Café is a group pour-over system, which means everyone gets to enjoy robust, flavorful coffee without the wait.

To brew, you first need to boil some water. With patented FluxRing technology built right into the kettle, the Camp Café can boil 2.5 liters of water twice as fast as standard kettles.

Next, put the filter cone on top of the carafe, fill it with coffee grounds, and pour the hot water over the grounds.

Once all the water has worked its way through the grounds, remove the filter cone from the carafe, and you are good to go with 12 cups of delicious coffee.

Don’t be fooled by the Camp Café’s considerable capacity. When the time comes to pack up and mosey on home, the filter cone fits inside the carafe, which nests inside the kettle, creating a single unit that is compact and portable.

The Camp Café was released this Spring and is already gaining notoriety.

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