Imagine: Holidays 2023

2023 was the year of AI and this year we let MidJourney tackle the holiday card. It took a lot of wrangling to get out of an artificial intelligence graphic generator than we thought. There are a few things to note, MidJourney doesn’t like forming words, like written out words. Imagine the word “Holiday” spelled out in knit letters. Nope. Would not do it. Joy was about as close as it would get and that took a little photoshopping.

Here is our AI-generated card front, count the fingers and find the strangeness.

Once we dialed in etc descriptors we started to see results. /Imagine an only take you so far. /Remix and /Blend started to bring out vision. Add TOOL product design member in knit and MidJourney started to find past and present members on the internet, who knew that was possible. Even when we began to focus on the language, MidJourney had a hard time with finger count and where limbs start and stop. You would think that the internet as a resource would tell it that most hands have 5 fingers. 

A look inside our 2023 card and MidJourneys trying to spell out “Holiday.”

Some say AI is coming for our jobs. I think I can say with confidence we are all safe, at least for the next 5 years. MidJourney can do some really amazing things, it can help the creative process and help motivate the thought process. It’s no substitute for the power of the human mind, at least not yet

Fun with words.

Time will only increase the power of artificial intelligence and someday there may be no need for designers and engineers. That day may not be far off but I think we are all safe for the immediate future.

MidJourney can generate some awesome knitwear.

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