Stay Asleep With Amira

We are really excited to support the team over at Amira Health who are working to develop a solution for menopausal women. It will look something like this – a dual device system that monitors and responds to hot flashes by cooling the surface beneath the user by means of water circulation. A wearable smart wrist band detects oncoming flashes and then signals a thermoelectric unit and pump to activate its cooling element and begin the movement of cool water.

The two devices that make up the Amira system.

Water is then circulated into a pad under the occupant which acts to mitigate the symptoms. As the liquid warms from body heat, it gets pushed back into the hub where it’s then brought down to optimal temperature again. This process continues until the wristband detects the flash is over. Pretty smart right!?

Lead by CPO, Claire Traweek and CTO, Emilio Sison, all the parts of the system have been carefully designed and engineered – TOOL assisting with the development of the hub and Nonfiction with the stylish wrist band. As the design process moved into refinement, each team had to align on a cohesive aesthetic language that reflected the cool and calming essence of the solution itself – resulting in soft, inviting forms that felt approachable and friendly to use. Ergonomics played a major role in the choice of materials for the wearable, whereas, the water tank volume and location in the bedroom drove the form factor for the hub.

An overview of the cooling process.

Sleep deprivation caused by hot flashes has impacted over 42 million women in the US alone and there is an average cost of 20,000 dollars spent on remedies to offset the symptoms – many of which are ineffective. The team at Amira have also discovered that one out of every ten women affected by this are so exhausted that they have to quit their jobs.

Thanks to the CEO, Loewen Cavill, and her team of rockstars from MIT, there seems to be some hope on the horizon for women who experience this sleep phenomenon. They have created the first product that can predict hot flashes and eliminate the disruption altogether! They already have the world’s largest data set on hot flashes and have tested their first prototypes which reduce the severity by over 60%.

It’s been a pleasure working with such talented and bright minded folks who plan to help provide the good night sleep women need and deserve. As Cavill says, Amira will be able to “bring body temperature back in balance and keep her asleep all night long”.

Learn more about Amira’s business from the co-founder and head of operations, Felipe Radovitzkye.

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