Holidays 2022

We have had quite a year. We’ve had major droughts, floods, heatwaves, human rights changes, COVID variants, economic inflation, the most significant being, a war waged on Ukraine. A conflict that still leaves the world heartbroken for the people being affected. So, first and foremost, our holiday card message is to support peace.

Here is our graphical imitation of Massimo Vignelli’s style depicted on our card exterior.

Despite the amount of troubles that we might be faced with, it is still important to focus on enjoying the time we have with friends and family over the holidays. TOOL recognizes the importance of a balanced mindset and the need for fun to offset the day-to-day grind. So, we also peppered in some playfulness to our card, paying respect to local businesses.. and well, our joy for beer and games.

A look inside our 2022 card.

What better way is there to convey our small town and our holiday travel habits than through this map designed with a very classic style. A style that still influences modern design and transit with its minimalistic elements and its beautiful clarity. A style created by Massimo Vignelli.

Having fun with the map legend.

Vignelli practiced in a number of fields, including packaging, housewares, furniture, and of course graphic design. His clients included companies such as IBM, Knoll, Bloomingdale’s, and American Airlines, however, one of his most famous contributions to design culture is the NYC subway diagram and signage. 50 years ago, the MTA map appeared on the walls of the city stations and became a landmark in modernist information design. Today it’s still helping people navigate the vast metropolis of New York.

Vignelli considered the map one of his finest works.
The man himself.

Information design is key to effectively conveying material. It helps to efficiently communicate ideas in a way that is also visually captivating. In this case, it even helps people get home for the holidays. We love telling a fun story in style. So, we thought, why not take after one of the greats and remind our friends and family, 50 years later, that design can be timeless.

Inspired by Vignelli.

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