Little Harbor Collective

Little Harbor Collective is opening up shop right next to Tool! Incubator / Maker Space. We are excited to be opening up space right next to our design studio here in Marblehead. Little harbor collective (LHC) is a location for the creative collective process, where small business, creative people, and artists can gather and work in a dynamic and open space. LHC is an Incubator, a Maker Space, and a collection of individuals in the process of making and building ideas. We provide a unique environment for start ups and designers to develop the next big idea. LHC is directly connected to Tool., Incorporated, an award winning product design and development agency. Designers, engineers, marketers, and business development individuals are on hand to help guide and nurture the creative output, provide networking opportunities to potential investors, and paths to reach consumers. We are starting with 3K square feet thats connected to Tool’s existing 6K square foot office. Tool’s doors will be open for use by participants at LHC. Read more about the offerings at the site for LHC

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