FlingGolf in the Boston Globe

A new sport is gaining popularity on New England golf courses, and the Boston Globe has taken notice. wiggs_FlingGolf_703418 The sport, called FlingGolf, is played with a golf ball on a golf course, but instead of hitting the ball with a driver, the player simply flings it with a FlingStick. The mechanics of playing the game, which are similar to those of lacrosse and baseball, can be learned by new players within minutes. Because it is scored the same as golf with virtually the same rules, FlingGolfers can play alongside traditional golfers on the golf course, making it a very inclusive sport. Alex Van Alen, a local entrepreneur, invented FlingGolf while throwing a golf ball around with a jai alai basket, and he recognized it as an exciting, fast paced and inexpensive alternative to golf. After realizing that this sport requires a very unique piece of equipment, Van Alen teamed up with Tool., Inc. to design and engineer the FlingStick. It is a hybrid of a golf club and a lacrosse stick, and besides a golf ball, it is the sole piece of equipment needed to play FlingGolf. FLingGolf Blog 02 While interest in golf has declined since 2004, participation in FlingGolf is increasing on golf courses throughout Eastern Massachusetts. Read the full story from the Boston Globe to learn about the creation of FlingGolf, its partnership with Major League Lacrosse, and the positive impact it is having on the sport that inspired it.

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