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Wearable Rehabilitation device

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Tool partnered up with Boston Incubation Center LLC to design and engineer a stylish accessory for hemiplegic patients to accelerate functional recovery. Stroke is one of the leading causes of long-term disability and the number of cases within the US has reached almost 800k in a given year. Following a stroke, victims often manage chronic limb impairments which can limit their quality of life and sense of independence.

This device enables users who are struggling with hand impairments to perform basic daily tasks such as pouring a beverage into a glass, opening a bottle, or putting on clothing. It is worn on the arm that has lost either full or partial dexterity over the hand.  The innovative electromechanical technology allows control over the prosthesis using wrist actions performed on the same hand or buttons activated by the opposite hand. The gripper can be calibrated to various compression settings or switched between modes via the wrist plate. Two balanced batteries along with sensors, actuators, soft plastics and large buttons make it lightweight, comfortable and easy to use. The approachable design looks and feels like a wearable consumer device, attempting to break the mold of conventional medical prosthetics. 

Tool provided the BIC with a functional wearable prototype to test and assist in commercialization efforts. Learn more about the SBIR Program.

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