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Heated Razor

CMF Strategy

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Gillette’s Heated Razor seeks to add the comfort of a hot towel to every shaving stroke. Announced to the public through an Indiegogo campaign, it quickly sold out and raised 492% of its goal.

Our involvement with the Heated Razor began with a color, material, and finish (CMF) exploration. We collected a large set of physical samples that could be used to highlight new features, enhance brand value, and possibly allow for quick commercial refreshes. Working from an existing model of targeted personas, we built a series of strategic mood boards demonstrating how some of the materials and textures could be proportioned to reinforce each value proposition.

At our office, a SolidWorks model was produced so that a special prototype could be built to modularly insert the different materials. These would later be used to survey users to gather their snap impressions. Our final involvement was to use Gillette’s CAD model of the Heated Razor, to produce photorealistic renderings of every CMF option for internal and user review.

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