The Team Takes to the Seas

Every year we power down our 3D printers, pack up some good New England brews, and hop aboard John’s lobster boat, the Ann & Maeve. This time, our destination was Misery Island, a beautiful spot five miles off the coast of Marblehead. We spent most of the day exploring the island, climbing oak trees, and hiking amidst the ruins of a casino that burned down in the 1920’s. After throwing down a few pale ales on the island, we climbed back aboard to pull up our lobster traps. It was a score! We made out with a few keepers which fed George’s whole extended family.

One of our engineers, Matt Rossi does some great video work. Check out his edit of the day.

We all feel fortunate to work next to the ocean. It’s a humbling reminder that there’s so much out there we haven’t discovered, yet there’s a joy in familiar process and ritual – the same mindset we always keep for product design.

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    That boat is dope!

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