Custom Guitar Picks with Our APSX Injection Molding Machine

The only thing we love more than product design is guitars and vinyl. So, when we have a few seconds to spare between crushing billable work, we enjoy sliding down our tele-necks and pluck’in a few strings. Above that, we can’t stop making and using our tools — our newest being the APSX injection molding machine. This plastic spitting, mold filling bad larry is great for small runs of detailed parts. We’ve already used it for ABS, PP, and a number of rubber durometers(softness scale) as well.

John is jam’in with a TOOL pick on his custom built telecaster.

To kick this machine off, we designed and modeled a break-away pick chassis to give to our friends, clients, and partners. We were heavily inspired by hobbyist DIY parts, especially this Land Rover Defender hard body kit.

The first and only sketch page (it was a no brainer).
Here is one side of the mold that forms these pluckers.
Here is the mold machined out of aluminum and in place.
This is the full APSX-PIM machine in its glory.
MMM.. doesn’t that ABS look nice as it’s poured into the hopper!?
Like we said, it’s taken a few shots to hit the right durometer and fill parameters but they are popping out of the mold quickly now!

It took a few shots to dial in the settings, but we are ready to share our shred devices with you (and a few other useful items as well)! They have JUST the right amount of flex to gently caress your five-string telecaster.

Be sure to check out to learn more about their quality machines made right in Cincinnati, OH.



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