Tool Builds a Metastudio for the Holidays

This year {for holiday fun} we decided to get into the meta-spirit. TOOL would try going digital!

It was a big year for working remote and so we decided to give the whole metaverse a try. That way we could collaborate during the holidays even if social distancing was required again.

It didn’t take us long to write a {few} lines of code and render up our own meta-world. Apparently, Mark Zuckerberg has been working on something similar for years now. Who knew. Anyway, we had to spin up our own crypto (toolincoin) first and foremost, but then we got to the important stuff. Laying down roads, plotting some land (giving ourselves the best waterfront property) and adding some vegetation for effect I guess. A few things had to be downloaded at low bit rates of course – John’s lobster boat and several thousand lobsters to catch. Adding weather was actually the trickier part, but hey its the holidays – and what good is a studio in December without some snow on the ground. How else would we make a giant meta-snowman?

Once our studio was built, the team took a dive into the new world to get some work done. Luckily everyone chose to be human, so it was easy to tell who was who. It took George a little while to get used to the controls – he ended up walking into a couple walls rather than into the digital office his first time.

A few days in and we all started getting pretty bad neck pain from the VR headsets. George actually can’t look left anymore. We stopped paying much attention to our hygiene. John’s beard got so big he could pack his lunch in it and Nate was ordering too many NFT’s and went completely broke. But hey, we didn’t have to wear pants again and we were saving the real world from a few laundry cycles.

We quickly realized that Tool Metastudio was out of control. No one was getting much work done and our ability to have real human interactions was suffering. It had to be shut down. We had to get back to reality.

Beer tastes better out here anyway. Happy Holidays from the real world.


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