Tool Helps ARMR Systems Make Every Soldier A Medic

1 out of 4 preventable military deaths among U.S. troops are caused by non-compressible hemorrhage. Traditional tourniquets are ineffective in treating these woulds because they cannot apply pressure in an appropriate location to stop the bleeding. As a result, soldiers with these types of injuries often die in transit to the Forward Operating Surgical Unit. Chibueze Ihenacho and Yegor Podgorsky, biomedical engineers from Georgia Tech, founded ARMR Systems to solve this problem by creating the world’s first wearable hemorrhage control system, in effect making every soldier a medic. It is a new class of medical device specifically designed to increase survivability for soldiers with non-compressible hemorrhage injuries. ARMR Systems is committed to collaboration, and Tool is honored to be joining the team to help ARMR overcome the unique design and engineering challenges that they face in getting their system on the battlefield. After hosting ARMR Systems for an initial brainstorm, Tool is hard at work developing the concepts that will ultimately save the lives of those brave men and women in the military.

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