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In many of the 15+ helmets developed with Burton Snowboards, we were involved from market discovery to manufacturing support. At the start, we visited trade shows to see the latest snow gear, conducted online audits of competitive/parallel products, reacted to dialog from professional riders, and spent time on the slopes to inform our work. Iterative design techniques were used not just on helmets, but also on accessories, displays, and other protective gear, to further develop product intent and understand feasibility. A deep understanding of the physical forces involved and top notch surfacing skills enabled our engineers to hand-off CAD data to Burton’s manufacturing contacts. Our continued involvement was utilized to make adjustments as impact testing, rider, and salesmen feedback was gathered.

In an industry of constant refreshes, some of our designs remained on the market for over 5 years. Some of the latest helmets in which we contributed are still available today. They include Anon Prime, Raider, Helo, and Rodan.

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