Brain computing interface innovation with Neurable

DK1 Headset

Brain Control

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Neurable Inc., a Boston based startup looking to position itself as a world leader in the field of brain-computer interfaces, sought Tool’s help in developing their first ever brain controlled headset. The device, which was built to interface directly with the HTC Vive, would allow the wearer to interact and control elements of the VR world using only their brain activity. The headset was fitted with a number of dry EEG sensors, housed in custom spring loaded pods which allowed the sensors to conform to a variety of head shapes and sizes. These sensors, picking up on electrical activity within specific regions of the brain, communicate this data to Neurable’s onboard software which is able to translate the electrical signals into tangible actions in the VR world. The result is an experience unlike any other, where the user can control objects and make decisions using their own brain power.

The designers and engineers at Tool worked closely with the Neurable team to craft a sleek headset capturing all Neurable’s electronics which integrate seamlessly with the Vive VR Goggle. The device can adjust easily to various head sizes using a BOA Fit System positioned at the back and spring-loaded EEG sensing pods. Tool also lead a short-run manufacturing effort, comprising of multiple prototyped parts and manufactured components. The samples were manufactured using a number of processes including Multi-Jet Fusion, CNC machining, injection molding, and urethane foam casting.

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